Led by passion for founders who want to build disruptive companies

We invest in
who break the
status quo.

Our passion is to find visionaries.

To help transform their dream into reality.

Saama is a sector-agnostic venture capital firm which focuses on seed and early stage companies with a focus on the Indian market. At Saama, we are as much a community as we are an investor. Our team understands, and internalizes, the value of being as much EQ driven as one is IQ driven. A balance of both, intuitive abilities and analytical perspective, is what has made Saama what it is today.

Our team’s years of experience working with founders and diverse sectors across multiple geographies helps us adopt a cohesive strategy focused on helping companies realize their full potential.

With decisiveness and speed at its core, our solution-oriented investment approach backs founders who drive innovation. We provide exceptional minds with our collective years of expertise and an insightful understanding of the market segments we invest in. Our portfolio companies also gain access to our international network of nvestors and entrepreneurial communities in the Silicon Valley, thereby enabling them to explore international growth opportunities.

The Saama team has considerable expertise in sectors such as consumer products and tech, horizontal e-commerce, FinTech and cross-border SaaS (Software as a Service). We have also recently built expertise in the agritech, edtech, and healthcare sectors. Our goal is to cultivate asset-light, tech-enabled businesses that can make the most of our global network of active advisors, top angels and valuable market insights.

Partnership being one of the core pillars on which Saama has been built, you’re not just getting investors but also getting an end user.

We’re here to build tomorrow with you. From idea to reality – we stand by you all the way through.