We've run big banks and cutting-edge startups.

We've got a baker and a dancer. We all love to eat. We analyze everything we see. We love new ideas and quirky people. We love change and creativity. But we're also old-fashioned in all the right ways.

Constantly evolving since 2006

We're proud to have had a front row seat to the growth story of India's startup ecosystem.

  • Ash LilaniGeneral Partner
    Founder & Managing Partner
  • Hemant AsherUS Advisory Team
  • Kiranbir NagIndia Advisory Team
  • Amrita BarthakurIndia Advisory Team
    Partner & COO
  • Sridhar RavipatiIndia Advisory Team
  • Varun EngineerIndia Advisory Team
    Senior Associate
  • Chetan KhatriIndia Advisory Team
    Senior Associate - Finance
  • Siddhant PramanickIndia Advisory Team
  • Mayank AgarwalIndia Advisory Team
    Investment Analyst
  • Ann OliverIndia Advisory Team
    Office Manager
  • Madhu SRIndia Advisory Team
    Office Assistant