Goa Brewing Co. (GBC)

The Goa Brewing Co. is a new-age, contrarian beer brand for the discerning drinker who is not looking for a run-of-the-mill product but seeks a more complex, multi-dimensional beer. Run as a greenfield brewing venture in North Goa (India), the Company manufactures and distributes an exciting portfolio of modern craft beers, catering to urban millennials on the lookout for premium quality beers at a reasonable price.

True to its rebellious ethos, the Company markets a line of ‘non-conformist modern beers’. Its first brew, a double dry-hopped oat cream Indian Pale Ale (IPA) with a tropical fruit aroma, viz. Eight Finger Eddie became an instant hit. Adding to its quiver of industry-first innovative variants, GBC also markets a breakfast cereal stout, a wheat ale, a heritage rice-based lager, and limited-edition seasonal brews.

With our investment experience in alco-Bev, Saama had witnessed the premiumization story play out for the wine category. As such, with instant product love for GBC’s founder’s design-led innovative mindset, our conviction rested in the Company’s ability to disrupt the hitherto banal beer segment in the Indian alco-beverage landscape.