Solethreads is building a youth-centric, open footwear brand that retails a line of innovative, comfortable, affordable, and trendy flip-flops. The Company wants to build a brand for young & free-spirited individuals who seek and enjoy relaxed moments and a comfortable lifestyle.

Traditionally, the open footwear category has been dominated by offline-first incumbents (catering to the mass segment) who have failed to innovate and are quickly losing relevance among India’s young, aspirational consumers OR premium brands that are aspirational but too expensive for the mass premium consumer. As such, Solethreads is capitalizing on this opportunity to build an insurgent brand that offers innovative products at competitive prices via an omnichannel retailing strategy.

As a result of the founding team’s expertise in the footwear manufacturing domain, the Company has focused on using technology to create functionally superior products. The Company has proprietary formulas, registered and patented technologies, and a zero-waste recycling process, making its products a case study in groundbreaking manufacturing innovation.