Ann Oliver

Hi, I’m Ann!

At Saama, I am responsible for administration, ranging from founder and investor-facing engagement to internal operations. My pragmatic approach to organizing systems and processes helps in the smooth and effective functioning of daily operations in a fast-paced environment that prioritizes quality and relationships.

My professional journey began as a Customer Services Executive at Novo Nordisk, a multinational pharmaceutical company. During my time there, I interacted with a lot of patients with stories to share. It was there that I discovered my management skills and realized how inspired I was by people. This led me to start a newspaper at Novo Nordisk called ‘Prerna,’ which published inspiring life stories of patients I had interviewed.

Thereafter, I moved on to join Saama. My empathetic and solution-oriented nature is required to ensure everyone, from the employees to the founders to the partners and vendors, is made to feel at home every day.

The atmosphere here is always inspiring. I get to work with individuals from different backgrounds who believe strongly in their purpose and ideas. You would think that a VC fund is all about logic and reasoning, but being with Saama has taught me even more about the importance of having empathy and building strong connections with all the people you work with.

Mantra: Slow country music. I listen to it all the time – it helps me work better, even when there’s chaos!