Ash Lilani

Hi, I’m Ash!

I’ve worked on the cusp of technology and venture capital globally for over 30 years, where I’ve been lucky to have met some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs and disruptors of the century. I mentor several young companies in India and Silicon Valley and am constantly energized by the enthusiasm and limitless potential of people and technology to transform the world. These experiences have given me what I value most in my career, a series of meaningful relationships with some incredible people.

Previously, I founded and headed SVB Global for Silicon Valley Bank, setting the strategy and overseeing the development and operation of international subsidiaries in London, Tel Aviv, Bangalore, Mumbai, Beijing, and Shanghai. Prior to taking on SVB’s globalization efforts, I served as Senior Vice President and Division Manager of SVB’s largest market and was based in Silicon Valley, where I was responsible for commercial banking activity and leadership of the team closely working with leading venture capital and technology companies in the area.

I’m a board member of the American Indian Foundation, a former board member of the U.S.-India Business Council, and was a founder of the U.S.-India Venture Capital Association.

I have two amazing kids, Natasha and Aidan, with whom I love to travel and explore the world. The kids and I are diehard fans of the Philadelphia Eagles football team and travel all over to watch them fly.

Fun Fact: I’m also an avid food and wine enthusiast who likes his wine cellars to be ‘always full’.