Kiranbir Nag

Hi, I’m KB!

I’ve worked in finance, be it venture capital, private equity, or investment banking, for the past 25 years. Notwithstanding my training as a finance professional, one of the most important lessons I have learned is the value of building and nurturing human connections. While this has formed the crux of my ‘founder-first’ investment philosophy in VC, my journey started with a more traditional foray into finance.

After obtaining my degree in Commerce from the University of Bombay, I was recruited to the team setting up the Indian arm of Arthur Andersen, an American accounting firm headquartered in Chicago. I was among the first 100 employees working at a firm with a vibrant atmosphere akin to a startup with battlefield-like camaraderie at its core. I then spent a few more years in banking – first, as an Associate Director at ANZ and then leading the South Indian operations for the boutique investment bank, Ambit.

The idea of going above and beyond a transaction to build category-leading companies from the ground up was where I aligned with Ash, and we began to set up Saama. Through the years, I have led several investments and represented Saama’s interests at companies that espoused this philosophy. Additionally, I have also been a Charter Member of TiE and have served as a member of the governing body of its Bangalore Chapter.

I’m married with a daughter and a son. I’m a huge fan of jazz music from the 1950s and 60s (I’m also an amateur guitar player) and am equally passionate about promoting and supporting live music and growing India’s community of audiophiles.

Fun Fact: I would rather start any meal backward with the dessert first and often daydream of moonlighting as a pastry chef.