Siddhant Pramanick

Hi, I’m Siddhant!

I ensure that investment decisions made by the team are founded on well-reasoned analyses stitched together from disparate sources. While working with data has been my forte, being in Saama has taught me that the VC world is as much EQ-led as IQ-led. At Saama, assisting our founders in tackling some of society’s thorniest problems has been tremendously enriching.

While learning how startups work, what it takes to grow them, and how to do diligence on them has been an incredible learning experience, my journey into the VC world wasn’t straightforward. After earning a BSc in Quantitative Economics & Applied Statistics from SMU, I got an opportunity to work in impact investing. Post this foray into finance, I moved to a data analytics company. I later embarked on a Master’s in Applied Development Economics from the LSE.

Upon graduation, I joined an international development consultancy. One of the first clients I worked with was an accelerator that also operated as a VC fund. My responsibilities included appraising and doing diligence on the companies the client wanted to incubate. I enjoyed the work thoroughly and knew it was time to put out feelers into the VC world, and fortunately, Saama happened to me!

Competitive by nature, I’ve always partaken in sports – football and racket sports mostly have given me a good blend of being a team and an independent player. The balance of these skills has come in handy in adapting to the nuances of the VC industry.

Fun Fact: I like spending time in the kitchen, no matter how hazardous I am to my environment at the time!