Varun Engineer

Hi, I’m Varun!

I’m a consumer product and tech investor with a deep understanding of the global landscape and consumer mindsets in emerging markets. I’m inherently curious and a fast learner (and un-learner). The haphazard, multi-pronged life of a venture capitalist suits me perfectly, working with companies in diverse sectors like d2c brands, e-commerce, and fintech, and helping them with a new problem every day, be it strategy, product, brand & marketing, operations, or fundraising.

I graduated from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business with a Master of Management Studies in 2017, prior to which I earned a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry from the University of Nottingham and also received management training at the London School of Economics. My professional journey started with hands-on experience at Cellworks, a fast-growing Sequoia-backed biotech startup based in Palo Alto.

Prior to Saama, I apprenticed in the founder’s office at Originate, a digital innovation and product development consultancy in Los Angeles, where I was closely involved in fundraising, operations, and restructuring of the technology services business and worked with blue-chip clients like BCG, Nat Geo, and Starbucks on digital transformation projects.

I’ve thrived on being a mix of the creative and the analytical. With experience in England, India, and the US, I bring a global perspective to the table and cross-pollinate my learnings from leading entrepreneurs and business builders. I am passionate about the evolving demands of the modern global consumer and the opportunity to create innovative new products and experiences.

Fun Fact: I’m a restless soul that likes to keep abuzz by constantly changing cities (or countries), hearing new ideas and stories, and enjoying a variety of meals in extraordinary quantities!