Assurekit is building a unified insurance infrastructure gateway that seeks to simplify insurance distribution in India by building a network that enables businesses across the ecosystem to create, sell, and manage insurance in a plug-and-play fashion.

Assurekit’s first offering – AssureDash – is a full-stack technology solution that aims to digitize the long tail of agent-assisted legacy (offline) insurance distributors that account for the lion’s share of insurance products sold in India. The platform provides an integrated interface that facilitates these brokerages to manage their nexus of insurance providers and products. It ultimately empowers their agents to offer an online-first customer experience.

Assurekit’s second product – AssureGate – leverages the embedded insurance model to offer businesses a check-out stack that allows them to start selling insurance as a value-added offering directly to their customers. Powered by ready-made integrations with insurance providers, Assurekit’s platform enables businesses to sell insurance without the hassle of investing in and developing their own insurance infrastructure.

Our conviction in the Company primarily rests in the massive growth potential of the relatively underpenetrated insurance sector in India and the founder’s intimate knowledge of insurance that puts him in good stead to realize the company’s lofty ambition of modernizing distribution channels so that insurance may become the go-to risk protection tool for every individual.