MyMuse is India’s first intimate wellness and lifestyle brand that markets high-quality gender-neutral sexual wellness products designed to bring a luxe customer experience to the bedroom.

Frustrated by the lack of material product innovations in the sexual wellness industry despite the growing recognition of sexual well-being as a salient facet of overall health and wellness, the founding team started MyMuse during the Covid-19 pandemic – to develop products designed to help the modern Indian both celebrate and nourish their sexual journey with a sense of unapologetic ownership.

With products ranging from sleek, full-body personal massagers and mood-setting luxury soy wax candles to water-based lubricants and all-natural massage oils, MyMuse is building a new-age, homegrown, sex-positive brand. Operating in a culturally sensitive category, the company aims to enhance the sexual wellness journey of modern Indians through its easily accessible pleasure-wellness products and highly informative yet quirky educational content.

The core of our investment thesis is anchored in our faith in the founding team’s ability to build a category-leading business in India’s nascent yet rapidly evolving sexual wellness (white-) space.