(100 Hundred Feet, Inc.) is a California-based early-stage company building a complete last-mile logistics platform offering hyper-accurate mapping and location data, route planning and optimization, and fleet management services. Its AI-powered platform provides unmatched visibility at every step of the package delivery journey – from address verification and geocoding to route creation, sorting, scanning, and sequencing to dispatch, delivery, and reconciliation.

The platform collects and processes data from multiple sources and provides delivery partners with proprietary geocodes to simplify parking, access, and delivery. seeks to resolve issues in the last-mile delivery market, such as undelivered packages and re-delivery attempts which exacerbate the operational and cash burden logistics players face.

Saama invested in the Company at a pre-product, pre-revenue stage based on our conviction in the founding team, which had deep technical expertise in on-demand delivery logistics. The CEO had previously led the on-demand delivery and 3rd party integrations group at Google and had an exceptional understanding of the problem faced by enterprises and delivery companies.