Mezi, a Sunnyvale, CA-based company, was developed as a mobile-first AI chat-based app that could enable fast and bespoke discovery of online products and services. Initially built for a wide range of use cases, such as shopping and gifting, the Company pivoted to focus only on travel.

Using Mezi as their personal travel assistant, users could book flights, hotels, and restaurants and receive customized recommendations. Mezi also offered a white-label “travel-as-a-service” solution for travel management companies and agents.

Mezi was the founders’ (a twin brother duo) second rodeo, having previously cofounded the Bollywood music streaming service Dhingana, which Rdio acquired in 2014. At the time of Mezi’s launch in 2015, AI had not yet been leveraged to personalize shopping experiences.

At the end of 2016, Mezi started working with American Express on a pilot to power its AskAmex concierge service. Seeing that Mezi was instrumental in providing superior service to its clientele, Amex sought to deepen its engagement with the Company and acquired Mezi in early 2018. Just as an FYI, we have invested in the founders’ new venture, Zeni, through our fourth fund.