The Moms Co.

The Moms Co. is one of India’s leading brands marketing a line of ‘better-for-you’ personal care products targeted at expecting mothers and newborn babies and infants. The Company develops and sells an extensive range of products catering to various use cases, such as baby care, pregnancy, breastfeeding, face, skin, and hair care.

Born out of the parental need to provide their kids with ‘natural’, ‘safe’, and ‘toxin-free’ products, The Moms Co. was started by Malika and Mohit to address a significant gap in the personal care market for expecting mothers and pre/post-natal care for infants and babies. This narrative of authentic founders solving a personal problem resonated well with Saama and formed the crux of our early investment in the Company.

Having carved a niche for itself as an iconic, new-age, homegrown maternity and baby care product company with immense brand loyalty, The Moms Co. was acquired by the Good Glamm Group (South Asia’s largest content-to-commerce group) in 2021 in India’s largest D2C transaction (at the time) in the beauty and personal care segment.