Praman seeks to build the world’s largest global exchange for horticulture commodities. Powered by its proprietary AI-based image recognition technology for product quality assaying and grading, Praman envisions making horticulture trade accessible and trustworthy.

The Company originally developed AI/ML-powered hardware and software solutions that utilized machine vision technology to enable rapid and custom sorting and grading of horticulture produce. In late 2020, post a change in agriculture trading regulations, the Company pivoted to building a B2B horticulture exchange using its aforementioned core technology – real-time, highly accurate quality assaying solutions.

Praman seeks to solve the inherent information asymmetry that persists in the horticulture trade due to the highly perishable nature of the commodity, lack of objective quality standardization, and high fragmentation on the supply side, making it incredibly tough to aggregate and assess quality manually. To help seamlessly execute orders, Praman’s exchange facilitates trade discovery through a digital bidding platform, quality assurance powered by its grading software, and trade settlement services like payments, credit, and logistics.