Vistaar Financial Services

Vistaar Financial Services is a leading provider of business loans for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in India. With a vision to support independent small businesses and create new economic opportunities through credit provisioning for deserving microentrepreneurs, the company makes financing facilities available at a reasonable cost, delivered efficiently and transparently. Vistaar taps into the immense market potential of micro-enterprises such as dairy, power loom, handloom, home-based industries, handicrafts, etc., and provides customized products aligned with the specific needs of smaller enterprise owners based on four key dimensions – loan size, repayment frequency, tenor, and security.

Vistaar was one of our first true seed bets as part of our deep belief in India’s burgeoning financial services ecosystem. We had immense faith in a very comprehensive and well-rounded team and an enormous, untapped market opportunity to serve MSMEs in peri-urban and urban India.