Zeni Inc. is a California-based company building a “CFO-as-a-service” platform. The Company aims to be an AI-powered finance team for startups and mid-sized enterprises with intelligent bookkeeping, accounting, and CFO services.

While the enterprise landscape is crowded with vertically focused accounting and bookkeeping applications, Zeni is one of the first to provide an AI-based full-service finance solution that offers visibility and control over myriad finance functions. Using a seamless blend of artificial intelligence and a dedicated team of certified finance experts, Zeni’s full-service finance concierge performs daily bookkeeping and manages all finance functions in real-time with integrations to bookkeeping, banking, payroll management, HR, and related software (e.g., QuickBooks, Gusto, Expensify, Stripe, Bill.com, SVB Financial Group, and Brex).

Saama has invested in the founders for the second time, following the acquisition of their last venture, Mezi, by American Express. We seeded the Company from the pre-product, pre-revenue stage.