Digiaccel is an early-stage venture building a digital skills academy and marketplace for white-collar workers and organizations to build employability for non-programming job roles in India through a tech-first skilling engine combined with human coaching.

Through a nearly 14-year stint at HUL, the founder realized that India’s traditional degree/certification-based curriculum did not focus enough on building skills for the workplace. There was an increasingly large gap in the demand for and availability of digital employment – across fields such as data analytics, digital marketing, tech operations, and product management.

As such, organizations end up with a formally educated workforce that lacks skill-based knowledge and industry context. This leads to a longer ramp-up time for new employees, which decreases efficiency.

To preclude this problem, Digiaccel offers 12–20-week focused skilling courses with pre-recorded theory/demonstrations/simulations supplemented by live mentorship. The proprietary skilling engine then provides customized pathways for different candidates with assessments to constantly identify and correct skill gaps. After this, Digiaccel connects skilled personnel with the right digital employers.

As an early and differentiated player in India’s otherwise crowded EdTech space, we believe the Company is well poised to solve a significant problem endemic in the Indian job market.