dRisk is an early-stage venture dedicated to building a ‘risk-free’ investing ecosystem and arming retail investors with the power of hedging by simplifying options to cover their trades.

Over the past two years, there has been an unprecedented influx of retail investors in India’s capital markets and a concomitant explosion of interest in riskier assets (e.g., cryptocurrencies and NFTs). While these newly minted retail traders seek education on downside risk protection, the sheer number and complexity of strategies available to trade options necessitate an in-depth knowledge of finance. Novice traders are, therefore, extremely unlikely to effectively deploy options as a risk rationalization tool.

dRisk plans to leverage this opportunity by developing an easy-to-use de-risking solution that enables users to buy a cover for their trade, offering 100% coverage of their losses. As a platform that abstracts away from the complexity of options to democratize hedging for retail traders in the form of a simple trade cover, dRisk is well-positioned to successfully navigate the boom in India’s retail investing landscape.