Mokobara is a homegrown, modern direct-to-consumer travel products brand. The product portfolio comprises thoughtfully designed luggage, bags, backpacks, and travel accessories that seamlessly work together for #GoingPlaces, in line with the Company’s mission of “elevating the joy of travel.”
As a digitally native brand, Mokobara enjoys high product visibility across channels and a direct brand connection with its customers in a product category that has seen little to no product or customer experience innovation over several decades.

The Company is well on its way to being the travel brand of choice for the modern consumer for whom travel is a lifestyle choice and a state of mind. Mokobara’s brand philosophy is centered around a strong focus on the millennial and Gen Z consumer with a fresh outlook on travel and discovering new places. With design innovation that lends itself to unique and sharp aesthetics and a seamless, superior customer experience, the Company’s value proposition clearly distinguishes it from incumbent players.