Oddr is a vibrant Silicon Valley startup looking to disrupt the archaic Invoice-to-Cash processes for the Professional Services industry. Founded by three seasoned veterans with a cumulative experience of 50+ years in this industry, Oddr aims to fix the broken billing, collection, and payment processes that result in significant revenue loss for firms.

Firms’ archaic billing, collection, and payment processes lead to longer invoice-to-cash cycles, higher write-offs, and unnecessary operational costs. No matter how the bills are delivered, the current methods for sending out invoices are tedious and error-prone. Further, invoices become untraceable once sent, and the entire process lacks intelligence and automation, resulting in unreliable cash flow predictions. All these fragmented processes and inefficiencies result in low customer satisfaction and loss of the firm’s time and resources.

Leveraging AI, Automation, and Data Intelligence, Oddr helps firms streamline and automate their manual and paper processes to enhance their growth strategy while lowering bottom-line costs.