Scalenut is a unified content intelligence SaaS platform that helps companies manage their entire content lifecycle from content planning, creation, and collaboration to distribution and analytics. With Scalenut, one can get unlimited content ideas for blogs, product descriptions, ad copies, email headers, blog intros, and more at the click of a button. Their innovative AI tool produces long-form content pieces in a matter of seconds!

Today, only a handful of end-to-end content marketing solutions are available, primarily targeted at large enterprises. SMEs rely on a fragmented set of disparate tools, open marketplaces, and marketing agencies, ultimately misallocating resources with poor return on investment (ROI).

To capitalize on this opportunity, Scalenut leverages AI and deep learning to offer a one-stop shop that empowers SEO and content teams by supercharging their organic marketing efforts and helping them grow sustainably. The Company aims to become the de facto content lifecycle management solution for SMBs and mid-market enterprises.