The Company is an early-stage venture focused on building an AI platform for writers. Today, the process of writing stories is antiquated and inefficient all along the value chain. For writers, collecting, organizing, and integrating research is a monumental task, producing large quantities of words is arduous, and the rules of language are hard to follow. For producers and publishers, the process of discovering stories is biased and inefficient, good writers are not scalable, there are no reliable markers to predict success, and large amounts of money are wasted on R&D and abandonment of rejected stories.

To overcome these structural issues, Poetics is developing an app that will work as a brainstorming partner suggesting plot points for narratives in seconds, catering to passionate and aspirant novelists and short-story writers. Eventually, the Company will deploy its foundational technology to partner with publishers, producers, and agencies as the applications range beyond novels to movies, television, theatre, etc.